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The year 2018 is Campingcard’s twelfth year here in Iceland. The Campingcard has been a huge success since it first came out in the year 2007. The idea is simple buy one card and gain access to over 40 campsites around Iceland and save a considerable amount of money.

In the summer 2018 we will give out discount cards with the Campingcard for petrol and diesel that counts for 8 Isk pr litre at Orkan stations. The locations of these tank stations can be found in this brochure. It is our hope that you will have a pleasurable holiday in Iceland and will take full advantage of the 41 campsites the Campingcard has to offer.

In the year 2012 the Icelandic government introduced a special tax on lodging which includes campsites. Unfortunately the Campingcard can not collect this tax and include it in the price of the card. Card holders are therefore obligated to pay 333 ISK pr night to the Icelandic government at the campsite they choose to stay at. Notice that the tax is pr card not pr individual. So a family of four only pays 333 ISK for the night.

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Phone numbers in iceland

Access codes

Country calling code +354
International call prefix 00

Special numbers

Emergency services 112
Police 444 2500
Directory enquiries 1818, 1819 or 1800
Speaking clock 155

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