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North Iceland - Raufarhöfn


The campsite in Raufarhöfn is in a quiet location by pond. Services are within walking distance from the site, and the site offers good, well-kept facilities, including a table and benches, a sink and toilets, and areas for campervans and trailers with access to electricity. At the sports center, located next to the camping site, you can access a washing machine and dryer for a small fee. The sports center also has a good indoor swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, gym, and solarium – all in excellent condition and available to both locals and travelers.
Raufarhöfn is Iceland‘s northernmost village, only 3 km from the Arctic Circle. Fisheries have always been the mainstay of the inhabitants, and during the “Herring Years“ it was one of the country‘s busiest shipping docks. Now the village is quieter, offering a relaxing stay and activities such as hiking, fishing, sailing, and enjoying the midnight sun.

The Arctic Henge is around 50 meters in diameter, with 6 meter high gates that face the cardinal directions.  Between the gates is a high wall with a small opening at the top.  Inside the circle stands a 10 meter high column, resting on four pillars, that will be topped with cut prism-glass that split the sunlight into primary colours. The opening between the pillar look towards the main directions, so example the midnight sun can be seen from the south gate through the middle column and the north gate.  The play of light and shadow change throughout the day and the openings on the wall will let in the sunrays so when the building is completed a sundial can be set up.

Inside the circle are 68 dwarfs who stand around a circular dwarf trail.  Inside the trail is the polar star pointer. There you can also find the throne of the sun, ideal for photographs, and a hall of rays, a sort of sanctuary with one seat, where visitors can empty their minds and renew his energy, and an altar of Fire and Water, that reminds us of the power of the elements, where ceremonies such as weddings can be performed.

The Melrakkaslétta is known for its attributes: fishing at sea and in lake, eiderdown and eggs, the coast. It has a spectacular beauty in the spring and summer, and the birdlife is wonderful. From Rauðanúp there is magnificent view, and proximity to the birds in the cliffs of Karl and Kerling.


General information

Address nearby Skólabraut
ZIP / City 675 Raufarhöfn
Tel +354 4651144
Open between 1. Juni –15. September

Service on site

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