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West Iceland - Grundarfjörður


The campsite in the town of Grundarfjörður is located at the edge of town.The campsite is divided into five different parts. The oldest part is next to an old quarry where it is sheltered from wind and very popular in late summers, as there are a lot of blueberries that grow all over the canyon. The largest part of the campsite can be seen when you enter the site and is called the square. It has an astonishing view of the mountains, as well as across the fjord. The third part is located on the ridge above the soccer and is well suited to campervans and larger trailers. Then there are two smaller areas where you can pitch a tent, which are well suited to people and groups who wish for more privacy.

The town pride of Grundarfjörður, Kirkjufell, is a dominant landmark, and many visitors choose to wait until evening to catch the perfect photo of the majestic mountain. Grundarfjörður is the perfect location for people who wish to camp in one area for a few nights, as it is centrally located in the middle of the northern Snæfellsnes peninsula. From here you can go on great excursions in any direction, such as a visit to Flatey island one day and a visit to the Snæfellsnes National Park the next. And of course, you can also spend a day of leisure in town, relaxing in the swimming pool.

The Camping Card is not valid during the celebration of Grundarfjörður town festival, “Á góðri stund” July 23-26.

General information

ZIP / City 350 Grundarfjörður
Tel +354 831 7242
Open between 1. June - 15. September

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