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Terms and shipping conditions

Flat shipping rate of 6 Euro is added to the final price. 

Please notice that the card will be sent via priority mail on the day of the purchase. With the Icelandic postal services.
Estimated shipping time can be seen here below.
Scandinavia 4-6 business days
Vestern Europe 5-8 business days
Other European Countries 8-10 business days
Other Countries 4-15 business days

1. The card is only valid after the cardholder has written their name on the back of the Camping Card in clear block letters. The Camping Card is valid from delivery until September 15 each year.
2. The card only allows free camping for a maximum of two adults and four children up to the age of 16 per unit (campervan/tent/ motorhome) at 38 campsites, listed in the Camping Card brochure and website.
3. Card holders must present the Camping Card along with personal identification documents (valid drivers licence, passport, etc.) upon arrival at the campsite. Each card has a magnetic strip that holds a deposit for 28 nights. The Camping Card is like a pre paid credit card. It holds 28 krona, where one (1) krona represents one night.
4. The Camping Card is valid for 28 nights per card. Each night counts as one unit, meaning that two adults and up to four children are counted as one unit and 28 units equal 28 nights. These 28 nights can be used from the day that campsites are open to September 15, 2020. When the 28 nights/units have been used the card is no longer valid.
5. The Camping Card does not provide free access to other services that the campsite may offer and charges for, such as electricity. In all cases there is free access to public restrooms and running water if otherwise provided.
6. Cardholders shall respect the rules of each campsite.
7. The caretakers of each campsite are authorized to remove from the site anyone who doesnot comply with the rules of the respective campsite.
8. The Camping Card is valid for the respective campsites while they are open to the public throughout 2020, but not later than September 15.
9. Card holders are authorized to stay for four (4) consecutive days at each campsite.
10. There are no limits to how often each card holder can visit each campsite within the 28 nights/units that are included in the card.
11. Caretakers at the campsites have the authority to confiscate cards that have not been signed by the cardholder.
12. The Lodging tax (ISK 333 per night pr. unit/group) is not included in the Camping Card and is to be paid on site.
13. The Camping Card is not a VIP card. If the campsite is fully occupied upon arrival, then presenting the Camping Card does not ensure preferential treatment.
14. If there are any changes to the list of campsites accepting the Camping Card, the final and the valid list of campsites is always the list of campsites on the web page

Refunds: The Camping Card is non refundable. Lost cards are not refundable.
Misuse: Misuse of the Camping Card may result in the card being confiscated.
Liability: The Camping Card ehf. does not take any responsibility should a campsite be temporarily closed or not in operation for unknown reasons.
Taxes: All prices include VAT and all invoices are issued including VAT.
The Campingcard (Útilegukortið) is registered by Icelandic tax authorities in Reykjavík Iceland.
VAT Number 92331
Legal terms
These terms and conditions are subject to the Icelandic legislation on consumer purchases, law nr. 48/2003. If there is a disagreement or someone feels they have a claim against the on-line sales of the Campingcard/Útilegukortið ehf. on the basis of these terms and conditions, such a matter will be solved in Icelandic courts.
Data Protection/Confidentiality
The Campingcard guarantees the buyer full confidentiality regarding any information the buyer reveals in relation to the transaction. Information from the buyer will not under any circumstances be handed over to a third party.


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