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West Iceland - Varmaland


The Varmaland camping site is situated at the outskirts of the municipality of Skaftholtstungur in Borgarfjörður fjord. It is situated between two rivers —the Hvítá River and Norðurá River. A sports center is located in Varmaland and it is open from late June to the middle of August. The center also has a swimming pool, which is popular among campers. The campsite itself is large and perfect for groups and families. The hiking trails in the area are many and diverse.
Driving directions: Take the ring-road towards the mountain Baula and turn onto Borgarfjarðarbraut road (50) drive for about 2.5 kilometers and turn onto Varmalandsvegur road. Drive another 2.5 kilometers and you will have arrived.


General information

Address Varmaland
ZIP / City 311 Borgarnes
Tel +354 775 1012
Open between 1 June - 31 August

Service on site

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