Campingcard Iceland

Buy the Campingcard

Buy the Campingcard


The Campingcard is sold out this summer 2017. 



You can still purchase the card in Iceland at Post offices, 10-11 Supermarkets and tourist information offices.

Are you coming to Iceland in 1-3 weeks? Please notice shipping times below.
The Campingcard can also be bought in Iceland upon arrival.
Further info on each camp site can be found here

Please notice that the card will be sent via priority mail on the day of the purchase.
Estimated shipping time can be seen here below.
Scandinavia 4-6 business days
Vestern Europe 5-8 business days
Other European Countries 8-10 business days
Other Countries 4-15 business days


Phone numbers in iceland

Access codes

Country calling code +354
International call prefix 00

Special numbers

Emergency services 112
Police 444 2500
Directory enquiries 1818, 1819 or 1800
Speaking clock 155

Weather in iceland

Currency in iceland



The Camping card is only valid to September 15th 2017.