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East Iceland - Eskifjörður


This pretty campground is on a tree-sheltered bank of the small river Bleiksá, it is next to the church where the highway enters the west end of town. There are showers, toilets, electricity and playground for children. The information center and swimming pool remain open throughout the year and are close at hand.

The fishing and marine surroundings of Eskifjörður town is highlighted by the traditional, red-painted fishing sheds along the shore, which may encourage you to try some fishing yourself. At the swimming pool, you can enjoy the geothermal water not only while swimming, but also in the hot tubs as well as the wading pool, or the water slide. The East Iceland Maritime Museum will give you good insight into the history and economy of the region. A fishing shed from pre-World War II, “Randulfssjóhús” still contains traditional articles originally used in the shed, which also houses a splendid restaurant. In the summer season, boat renting and fishing rods will increase your enjoyment in the fjord area. You can get food and drink at Kaffihúsið either inside or outside, and you can also visit the cultural center Dahlshús which often offers intriguing exhibitions. A short walk east of town brings you to some unusual road signs where you might like to take a few selfies. By driving or cycling a little farther east, you will reach the Helgustaðir mine, one of Europe’s largest and best-known mine for Iceland spar. Crossing the river mouth past the swimming pool at the other side of town, you will soon reach the scenic 9 hole golf course. A little farther, continuing towards the village of Reyðarfjörður, you will find numerous opportunities to explore nature, via marked trails in the protected area of Hólmanes. There you might see rock pigeons, which otherwise breed at very few sites in the Icelandic wildlife. Eskifjörður is one of the six villages that comprise the municipality of Fjarðabyggð.

General information

Address Strandgata
ZIP / City 735 Eskifjörður
Tel +354 776 0127
Open between 15 May – 15 September

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Country calling code +354
International call prefix 00

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Emergency services 112
Police 444 2500
Directory enquiries 1818, 1819 or 1800
Speaking clock 155

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